C2060 Roller Chain

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C2060 Roller Chain

roller chain product

Roller chains are essential in power transmission systems, used to transfer power from one component to another. They are typically used in conjunction with a sprocket to transfer power from a driving component, such as a motor or engine, to a driven component, such as a gearbox or machine.

Roller chains are chains that are made up of interconnected rollers and pins, which are designed to transfer power from one component to another. They are available in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. Roller chains are typically made from high-quality steel, providing excellent durability and wear and tear resistance.

The C2060 roller chain is a two-pitch straight edge plate chain commonly used in conveying applications. It is a high-strength, lightweight chain with a flat surface that can carry products. The C2060 chain features 9,270LB ultimate tensile strength, 1-1/2 “pitch, solid rollers and heat-treated components.

The C2060 chain is commonly used in applications that require a high degree of strength and durability, such as conveyors, hoists and winches. It is also a good option for applications that require low-profile chains, such as food processing and packaging equipment.

C2060 Roller Chain Parameter: 

Chain Size: C2060 Chain
Pitch (P):  1.500″
Roller Width (W):  0.500″
Roller Diameter (R):  0.469″
Plate Height (H):  0.683″
Plate Thickness (T):  0.093″
Pin Diameter (D): 0.234″
Chain Width (F):  1.172″
Connecting Link Width (G):  1.248″
Tensile Strength:  9,270 LBS
Weight:  0.76 LBS/ FT

Features Of C2060 Roller Chains:

Double Pitch: This means that the C2060 chain has two rollers per pitch, which gives it a higher load capacity and torque transmission than a single pitch chain.

Straight Side Panels: These side panels are less prone to bending or deforming than figure 8 side panels, making them more suitable for high stress applications.

Flat Surface: The surface of the C2060 chain is flat, which is easy to carry bags, boxes and other products.

Heat-treated Parts: The heat-treated parts of the C2060 chain make it more durable and wear-resistant.



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